February 12 2018

February 10th - Fred’s Tiny Houses, Castlemaine.

February 11th - Sustainable Living Festival Melbourne

Busy weekend - On Saturday, I attended Fred Schultz’s launch of his latest tiny house on wheels - https://fredstinyhouses.com.au/. a tailored build for a woman moving into her elderly parents property as a temporary carer accommodation.

Jan Stewart was also there and introduced me to Chris Wenban - Tiny Footprint, builders near Whittlesea - http://www.tinyfootprint.com.au/. They are one of the builders interested in the Noah certification program and process. 

I also met a couple of people from the Geelong Men’s Shed who are exploring ways they can be involved in Tiny House projects. ( They would love to be full builders but they are also considering starting a special component makers - insulated small windows, and space efficient under bench cupboards to suit full build designs.

On Sunday I attended the Sustainable Living Festival as a volunteer on the ATA stand - http://www.ata.org.au/ - and also visited other exhibitors and met up with Darren and Lisa from Tiny Houses Australia - https://www.facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia/ Darren was a guest speaker

I also met Janine Strachan - https://www.greendesignsolutions.com.au/ - who has been in contact with John Hennessy - and are branching into SIPS panel based THoW, and 

Anthony Buck, a freelance visualisation expert. He takes plans and creates images and 3D walk arounds, plus prepares planning submission documents, and has worked for a number of businesses in the http://www.prefabaus.org.au/ PreFabAustralia guild. He is very keen to prepare visualisations for any Tiny House projects to help get them through the council planning process, or acquire support and/or funding.

Jodi Rashbrook - events manager for the ATA - jodi.rashbrook@ata.org.au is very keen on Tiny Houses. They are planning a feature in the next edition of Sanctuary Magazine,

 http://www.sanctuarymagazine.org.au/  and she is going to talk to the editor about us, and to the various groups of the previous newsletter.  Jodi is also keen to have a Tiny House Exhibition on the Saturday prior to their major Open House Sunday 16th September - https://sustainablehouseday.com/  She was thinking of the Coburg Velodrome Park - Charles Street Nth Coburg, which is being used now for music and community events. 

Her plan is to bring example Tiny House on Wheels to one location, as a meet and inform event ( She also manages the ATA Speed Date an Expert events )

Idea of Trade Day followed by Exhibition - Sept 2018 ??

Talking to these people, I raised the idea of an industry conference - suggesting that Friday 14th September be set aside for a non-public conference of as many Tiny House businesses, associations, support systems ( like insurance ) and social enterprises as possible get together for a trade day, with pre-conference papers and contact listings, to discuss the industry and ensure we move beyond silo enthusiasts and micro businesses, towards a broader self regulating ( build quality and certification standards ) industry - the idea is to have an industry day, followed by the ATA exhibition event to reward builders and designers through a sales opportunity, and encourage them to come to Melbourne.

More as I get feedback,  Tom

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