February 7 2018

February 7, 2017  -  Hub Southern Cross - 2-696 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Tom Danby met with Jan Stewart and Elle Paton, both members of the newly formed Australian Tiny House Association Inc. to share information on their projects, the HowCare proposal, and the many Tiny House and affordable housing programs and projects that we are aware of.

Background Information: 

NOAH - http://noahcertified.org/ - is a self regulated, National Organization of Alternative Housing, based in the USA. It is intended as a national trade association of builders, manufacturers and DIY tiny house builders.

A key part of their program is The Noah Standard, a nationally recognised certificate that shows a build as meeting recognised safety, construction and energy efficiency standards. They do this by requiring videos of the build at specific phases of constructionto demostrate compliance - foundation or trailor, framing and attachmenrs, each phase of trade installation ( plumbing, electrics, gas, and insulation ).

It is a form of virtual building inspection, and the results are archived so that purchasers of commercial builds, re-buyers of secondhand builds, and insurances agencies can view and confirm certification. (cf: current BCA inspections & certificates! )

Local Groups and Projects

Jan and Elle are also involved with Tiny Homes Non Profit - http://www.tiny.org.au/ - a collective using their web site to provide an overview, access to resources, and feedback, to tiny house builders to encourage further development. 

Of particular note is their comprehensive google spreadsheet based databases of current council regulations,and overseas initiatives, with summaries and deep links, and the link to Tiny House Hub - https://australiantinyhousedirectory.com.au/ a directory of builders, events, blogs and feedback, print and DVD resources, and photo archive submitted by Australian members.

Two Melbourne based Tiny House designers and builders - Tiny Footprints 

  • http://www.tinyfootprint.com.au/ and TinyHouse2Go - http://www.tinyhouse2go.com.au/  with ESC Consulting - https://escconsulting.com.au/ ( contributors to A Place for Tiny Houses report 2017  ) are collaborating with Tiny Homes Non Profit to build sample Tiny House on Wheels to the Noah Standard, and display them at public locations in inner suburban Melbourne, in conjunction with Melbourne Knowledge Week ( May 7-14, 2018 ) as part of a program to demonstrate alternative housing options for both the elderly and those needing emergency accommodation.

Jan Stewart was connected via Kellie to the Gosford Tiny Homes Foundation project, which launched this week - http://www.tinyhomesfoundation.org.au/ - and is currently involved in a Housing Project at Castlemaine, Victoria, along with Fred & Shannon Schultz  - https://fredstinyhouses.com.au/

Jan and Elle took copies of the HowCare proposal and will talk to their respective groups about using the caretaker model as part of the argument for improved council support for Tiny House accommodation.

Last - we have a provisional booking for the next full day council seminar 

                        MAV - Wednesday March 14th 

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